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Guide To Gambling In The U.S.
Get the status of online gambling in each state and the broader climate for legal gambling in each state with our:

US Online Gambling Sites and Regulations – An All-Inclusive Guide to Gambling in the United States

Unfortunately, when it comes to laws and regulations relating to online gambling and US residents, things have almost always been murky. For years, many folks have been unsure if they were allowed to do it or not. While the water isn’t perfectly clear yet, we’re starting to get some clarity as regulations change.

If you’ve been following the news lately, then you may have seen that the Supreme Court just made a ruling that states could now begin to regulate sports betting on their own. This dramatic shift is a significant departure from the way things have been for a long time, but it’s exciting to see the tide turning. We still don’t have all of the information because the decision is so new, but we expect that more states will begin to allow their residents to legally bet on sports in the near future.

One thing’s for sure when it comes to laws and regulations relating to online gambling; it’s a rapidly changing landscape. Luckily, we’re here to help keep you up to date on all of the changes that could impact you. We’ll continuously keep our website up to date with the latest information so that you’re always aware of any shifts in the laws and regulations surrounding online gambling in the US.

One thing’s for sure when it comes to laws and regulations relating to online gambling; it’s a rapidly changing landscape. Luckily, we’re here to help keep you up to date on all of the changes that could impact you. We’ll continuously keep our website up to date with the latest information so that you’re always aware of any shifts in the laws and regulations surrounding online gambling in the US.

In the sections below, we’ll cover many helpful topics. Up first, we’ll kick things off with a discussion where each state stands on online gambling. Next, we’ll talk about how US residents can place sports and casino bets online. We’ll then discuss other forms of gambling such as lotteries and social gambling before wrapping things up with an FAQ section at the end.

Gambling By State – Where Each US State Stands On Online Gambling

You may be trying to sort out if online gambling is legal in your state or not. If that’s you, then this section is just for you. Below, we’ve gathered up information on states where you can legally gamble online and states where it isn’t legal yet.

States Where You Can LEGALLY Gamble Online

Currently, many different states allow residents to enjoy some form of gambling online. It’s important to remember that things vary between states regarding what’s technically legal or not. However, we expect that things will quickly begin to change thanks to the new legislation passed in the United States related to sports betting regulation.

In the map below, we’ve highlighted states in green that currently offer some form of legal online gambling at this time. We’ll keep this map updated as new states begin to pass other legislation making different kinds of online gambling legal for their residents. Be sure to bookmark this page so that you can keep up with all of the upcoming changes.

Legal Gambling States Online
As you’re probably aware, there have been a couple of states that have always been hotbeds for online gambling. The two states that pioneered things for the country were Nevada and New Jersey. Below, we’ve highlighted these two along with some of the other states that currently offer some variant of legal online gambling.


Nevada Map
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’re probably not surprised to see Nevada at the top of this list. Thanks to being the home of Las Vegas, Nevada is the biggest hotbed of gambling in the United States. If you didn’t know, Nevada was also the first state to regulate online gambling for its residents. Currently, residents of Nevada can legally play poker online and also can place sports bets through mobile apps.

New Jersey

Behind Nevada, New Jersey is the next state that comes to people’s minds when they think about gambling within the United States. Instead of Las Vegas, New Jersey has their version in Atlantic City. Luckily, New Jersey has worked hard to pass legislation that helps their residents legally gamble online. At this time, residents of the state can enjoy casino games and poker legally online.


Pennsylvania is one of the newest states to approve online gambling for their residents. Because the legislation is so new, things haven’t fully rolled out yet. However, the law passed in Pennsylvania will allow residents there to play casino games, poker, and daily fantasy sports online. As we get more information in the coming months, we’ll be sure to update you here.


Delaware Flag
If you’re a resident of Delaware, you can also enjoy some online forms of gambling. Currently, residents of the state can play casino games and poker online through select websites. Unfortunately, sports betting is not yet legal for Delaware residents to do online at this time.
Luckily, we’re seeing other states working on passing some variant of legislation to legalize online gambling for their residents. Some of those states include Massachusetts, California, Michigan, and New York. Be sure to check back here often as we’ll update this page as new states open online gambling up.

States Where Online Gambling Isn’t Legal Yet

Unfortunately, not all states have yet to pass legislation making online gambling legal. While we believe that most states will eventually get there, some states have always opposed online gambling that may not be apt to legalize it. We’ve included a map below of states in red that don’t currently offer any form of legal online gambling for their residents. We’ve added some information below on some of the more popular states that don’t provide legalized online gambling at this time.
Illegal Gambling States Online


Utah Flag
One of the states that has always refused to have any part of online gambling is the state of Utah. This isn’t very surprising when you look at the state’s past of other laws relating to things like alcohol sales. Unfortunately, we don’t expect that Utah will get things in motion any time soon when it comes to legalizing online gambling for their residents.


Texas Flag
Another state that tends to dig their heels in when it comes to gambling is the state of Texas. While the state does have a handful of legal racetracks and casinos, they have yet to legalize any online gambling for their residents.


Florida Map
Currently, Florida residents can take part in many different forms of legalized gambling throughout different establishments around the state. Florida has legalized tribal casinos, dog tracks, horse tracks, and jai alai. However, Florida has yet to approve any legislation aimed at allowing residents there to gamble online legally.

How US Residents Can Legally Place Sports Bets

How US Residents Can Legally Play Online Poker

If you’re a poker fan like many of us on staff here, then you’re in luck if you want to play online. Luckily, there are many sites out there that cater online poker rooms to US clientele. Below, we’ll talk a bit about the two different formats of poker that are most often found on betting sites offering poker action to United States residents.

Up first, the most popular online poker format is tournaments. Here, you’ll be able to join into all kinds of different tournaments much like you would if you went to a typical casino or home game. When you go to the poker room lobby on the site of your choice, you’ll be able to choose the type of poker that you want to play along with deciding which format you want.

When it comes to online tournaments, there are tons of different tournament types. Some of the more popular ones are deep stacks, short stacks, turbos, and traditional setups. In many cases, the online site hosting the poker tournaments will make it easy for you to sort by type of game and format that you’re searching for.

Since these are set tournaments, many of them start at a specific time. You can use the poker lobby to look up when tournaments are beginning to help you plan your playing schedule. One thing to keep in mind is that many online poker tournaments can last for six hours or more if you go deep.

Another option for playing poker online in the United States is through sit and go cash games. Here, you’ll be able to come and go as you please as a cash game works in a regular casino. Unlike a tournament structure, you’re not required to stay until the end.

Typically, we see online casinos offering US clients a broad assortment of different options for this type of poker setup. In most cases, you’ll find many different variants of poker as well as different blind levels that you can choose from.

If cash poker tournaments are important to you, then be sure to see what options are offered by potential sites before you settle on an online casino. You’ll want to make sure that they provide the types of games and blind structures that you enjoy playing.

How US Residents Can Legally Play Casino Games Online

Residents of the United States have tons of online casino gaming options available to them. In this section, we’ll talk about some of the different types of casino games that US residents have access to at online casinos servicing their market. The odds are that whatever your favorite casino game is, that it’s available to be played online through an online casino website.


When it comes to online casinos, by far, you’ll find the most extensive selection of slot games compared to any other casino game. On average, online casinos providing action to clients in the US offer hundreds of slot machine games. However, some of them have nearly 1,000 in total! In short, you won’t have any problem finding loads of slot games to keep you busy and happy.

On most online casinos servicing the US market, you’ll find a wide variety of different types of slot games. This is nice so that you can mix things up if you’re getting bored playing one particular type. Often, you’ll find multi-reel, progressive jackpot, and 3D games on most online casinos. We’ve seen some of the progressive jackpots online worth multiple millions of dollars!

One nice benefit of online casinos is that many of them will let you test out their slot games for free. If you’re not sure about playing slot games online for real money, this is a fabulous way for you to test the waters before you begin wagering real money on these sites. Be sure to keep in mind that the same free-play option is usually available for almost all casino games on a website so that you can test out other types of games too.

Table Games

Along with slot machines, you’ll also find a selection of common table games in most online casinos providing action to residents of the United States. In many of these casinos, you’ll see multiple options for popular games like roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and more.

What’s great about playing table games online is that you’ll typically find many different versions for each one of these game types. For example, one online casino might have all three variants of roulette in their offering (French, American, and European). Thanks to this, you’ll find a broad selection of different casino table games that you can enjoy playing online.

Live Dealer Games

One of the hottest things in the online casino space at this point is live dealer game formats. Here, you’re not just playing a glorified computer game of your favorite casino game. Instead, you’ll see a live feed from an actual casino somewhere around the globe. You’ll then be able to wager on some of your favorite casino games while you watch the action unfold thanks to the live feed.

Folks that enjoy live dealer games like a couple of things about them. First, this format of game can provide extra interaction. On some platforms, you’re able to interact with the dealer and other virtual players. While this isn’t as interactive as being at an actual casino, it’s an improvement over just playing a video version of the game along. Secondly, people also tend to like the extra visibility that this format provides. Instead of having to trust that a computer-based game isn’t rigged against you, you’re able to watch the action happen in front of your eyes thanks to the live feed.

If you’re a fan of casino games and you’ve never tried the live dealer format, then it’s something to try out. Most likely, you too will come to like the added benefits that come along with playing along with a real live dealer in a casino.

Poker Model

Video Poker

For those of you that are video poker fans, then you’ll be happy to know that most of the online casinos servicing the US market have a selection of video poker options. On average, most of these casinos will have roughly 20 different versions of video poker for you to choose from.

However, the number of games available will vary from site to site. As you’re looking for an online casino home, make sure to find a website that offers you a large selection of high-quality video poker games if that’s something that you plan to play frequently.

Other Casino Games

If you’re not into any of the games highlighted above, or if you’re looking for a change of pace, many online casinos providing services to residents of the United States also offer a selection of casual casino games. Typically, these games will include options like bingo, Keno, and scratch-off tickets. Be sure to investigate a site’s offering of these types of games if you’re interested in playing these other types of casino games.

Social Gambling – A Free Gambling Alternative

If you’re not looking to gamble with real money at this time, then you should consider social gambling. If you don’t know what that is, social gambling is a type of gambling that you can do on social media through platforms such as Facebook. Popular social casinos include names like Slotomania and Zynga.

What’s fantastic about social gambling is that it is free and can be played without real money. This is the primary benefit of social gambling. Instead of betting with real money, you’ll often wager with site credits. When you win, you’ll earn virtual prizes and in some cases can be entered to win actual prizes like gift cards too.

Additional benefits of social gambling include the fact that it’s a great way to practice casino games for free. If you’re looking to learn a new game or practice before playing with real funds, social gambling is a great way to go about it. You can also play against your friends and family and brag to all of your social media contacts when you have a great day in the social casino.

There are a couple of drawbacks to social gambling that we should mention. First, if you spend real cash on in-game benefits, then you can’t get that money back. Secondly, the quality of the majority of the games on social gambling platforms is not nearly as excellent as those at real online casinos. Be sure to keep in mind that many online casinos offer players the ability to play most of their games for free.

For those of you that want to play gambling without real money, social gambling may be the way to go. If you’ve never tried it, just fire up your favorite social media platform and check out your gaming options. Since you’re not gambling with real money, you don’t have much to lose.

What About The Lottery? – A Guide To The US Lottery

In the United States, the vast majority of the 50 states offer some form of a state lottery. With these lotteries, players buy tickets for a chance to win a massive sum of money. On top of the state lotteries, multi-state lotteries such as Powerball are gaining popularity thanks to the size that prizes can build to with a broader set of players.

Currently, six states in the country do not offer any form of lottery to their residents. Those six states are listed below. Unfortunately, if you live in one of these states, you won’t be able to participate in a lottery at this time.

Alabama City View
Alaska Lake View
Hawaii Beach View
Mississippi Lake View
Nevada City View
Utah City View

United States Gambling FAQ

To wrap things up, we’ve included a collection of questions that we frequently get relating to online gambling in the United States. If you’re still looking for answers, we hope that this section will help you find them. To view the answer to any one of the FAQs below, click on the question, and the answer will then appear.

Is it safe to gamble online?

Betting on casino games or sports online can be very safe. However, we do want to make sure that you understand it can be risky if you don’t do a little bit of homework first. Luckily, the bulk of betting sites out there are very safe for you to use. But there is a handful of them which should be avoided to keep your cash and personal data safe.
You’ll want to locate a betting site that you can trust. If you have friends that are already betting online, seek their opinions about which sites they use and trust. This is often a great place to get referrals (and sometimes bonuses, too). If you don’t have referrals from friends, then be sure to complete some research online. From our experience, it’s usually clear pretty quickly if a site is a reliable operation or not. When in doubt, keep searching for another option that you can trust as a safe spot for all of your online gambling needs.

How do I wager with real money on online betting sites?
While many online casinos allow you the ability to play their games for free, many folks are looking to wager with real money on casino and sports action. If that’s you, then you’ll need to move some of your money into a betting account on the site of your choice. This is a straightforward process. Once you have an account opened, then proceed to their banking section. There, you’ll find a list of deposit methods that you can use to move money into your betting account. Just choose the one that’s right for you and initiate the transfer. Once it’s complete, you’ll be able to begin placing real money bets online.

Which online betting site is best for me?
Unfortunately, we can’t answer this for everyone here, as each individual has a different set of needs. However, we can give you an idea of some things that you should look for. Below, we’ve included a list of things that you might consider when looking for an online betting website. As you check out potential betting site homes, use these as a checklist of items to look into.

  • Banking options
  • Bonus options
  • Sports you can bet on
  • Casino game availability
  • Trustworthiness
  • Customer service
  • User interface
  • Reputation

How can I get started betting online right now?

If you’re ready to get started right this second with betting online, it’s a pretty straightforward process. The first step is to find the online sportsbook or casino that you want to bet on. If you’re interested in both casino and sports betting, you’ll see some companies out there that offer both of those on one website.

In your search for a betting website, one of the biggest things that we would stress to you is locating a site that can be trusted. While the vast majority of the operations out there are safe spaces for you to do your betting, there are some out there that should not be trusted. You can utilize referrals from friends or other trustworthy websites to help you locate one that’s right for you. If you ever feel uneasy about a site, we’d strongly urge you to look for another option.

After you’ve identified the site that’s perfect for you, then you need to open an account. This process is usually swift and straightforward. Often, you have to enter in some necessary information like your email address, name, and home address. In most cases, an account can be opened within five minutes or less.

Finally, your last step to get started is to fund your betting account. Using the deposit banking methods on the site of your choice, you should be able to move money into your betting account. Typically, you’ll find banking methods like credit card, PayPal, and Neteller as options. Choose the one that’s right for you, and then initiate a transfer. Once your funds appear in your betting account, you’ll be ready to begin placing casino or sports wagers with real money online!

What are the advantages of betting online as opposed to gambling in a local brick-and-mortar sportsbook or casino?

While there are many similarities between the two, there are a couple of things that really stand out to us about betting online versus in local establishments. The first main advantage is that by betting online, you don’t have to get yourself to the local casino or sportsbook. Instead, you can bet on your favorite sports and casino games using your phone, tablet, or laptop. By doing this, you’ll save yourself a ton of time and money since you do not need to drive to your local gambling spot.

Another advantage of betting online is that most betting websites have a broader assortment of sports wagers and casino games than you’ll find in a typical brick-and-mortar establishment. For example, most online sportsbooks offer more sports that you can bet on, including hard to find ones like futsal. When it comes to online casinos, we often see a massive variety of games, including some sites that offer all three versions of roulette in one spot. Something like this is practically unheard of in the brick-and-mortar world.

Can I bet on sports or casino games on my phone?
Absolutely! If you want to wager on sports or casino games from your phone, that’s entirely an option in today’s market. You’ll find that most betting sites offering action to clients from the United States will have some form of a mobile-friendly version of their website. By using a mobile version of a betting website, you’ll be able to place your wagers on the mobile device of your choice, including your phone or tablet. If you’ve never tried betting on your phone before, it’s worth trying out, as it’s a super convenient way to bet quickly and efficiently.

How much money do these online betting sites offer for bonuses?
The amount of bonus potential across different betting sites can vary quite a bit. However, we can tell you a couple of certainties. First, online betting sites almost always offer bonus and promotional offers that are significantly better and more frequent than any brick-and-mortar casino or sportsbook. Secondly, when we look at the best online betting websites out there, the vast majority of them give their clients the ability to earn upwards of several thousands of dollars between a mix of welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, and other promotions. As you’re looking for a website to do your betting online, always be sure to shop the bonus offers so that you can locate a site that gives you the most significant earning potential.